Soaring Eagle Radio – Johnny Cirucci – Secret History

History is full of twists and turns. Unexpected forks in the road appear abruptly and force the traveler to consider scenarios long ago forgotten. The neglected and dust covered tomes of our ancestors reveal a treasure to those who will persevere through the task of connecting the dots.

The secret histories of the world and most especially those concerning western civilization and Christianity, are a type of answer key that unlocks the meaning and reasons for what we see unfolding in Europe, the United States, and indeed much of the world today.

Stay tuned for my conversation with my friend Johnny Cirucci on this episode of SER.

Johnny’s Bio

My guest today is Johnny Cirucci. He is the author of “Illuminati Unmasked” and his latest book and the subject of our conversation today, “Secret History: The Erased Clues That Prove Who Rules the World from Behind the Curtain.” Both books are a researcher’s dream. Johnny is one of a few friends who have now appeared on SER for a 3rd time. I am pleased to call him a friend.



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