The Bruce Collins Show- 12/21/12- Guest: Trey Smith

Thieves is the true story (nonfiction narrative) about the safe robbery of the multi-millionaire television evangelist, Mike Murdock. Witnessing first-hand some of the most shockingly depraved acts and blatant corruption in the secretive world of “profit-preaching” Christianity; Trey takes you on the journey through his decisions, planning and ultimate execution of stealing the well-known minister’s […]

CCR 039: Greed and the Singularity

GREED AND THE SINGULARITY, WHAT IS THE CONNECTION? What is the driving factor behind the push for human evolution via technology? Perhaps it is greed. Basil and Gonz discuss the topic of greed and the many effects it has on our spirituality, human psyche, society, and the external-material world. They then connect this human condition […]

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Podcast 007 : Interview : Chris White : Zeitgeist & Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind

Chris White, prolific producer of countless painstakingly-researched “debunkumentaries”, joins me to discuss his work on ‘Zeitgeist : The Movie’, the teachings of David Icke, The History Channel’s ‘Ancient Aliens’ series, and his documentary ‘The New Age & Its Relationship to the Antichrist.’ …is Jesus a myth? … are we all the products of extra-terrestrial genetic engineering? Chris White explains. (For show notes, please visit