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The Mind Renewed : Thinking Christianly in a New World Order is a Podcast and Website dedicated to understanding the world in which we live from a Christian worldview perspective.

We are acutely conscious of propaganda in the mainstream media, and of the bewildering mass of information in the alternative media – some of it reliable, much of it not. We therefore seek to address matters of concern to people (whether they be ‘people of faith’ or none) in an unsensational and informed fashion, in the hope that truth will be uncovered and that bridges will be built between people through greater understanding.

Therefore, whether it be the Surveillance State, the threat of Global Government, False-Flag Terrorism, the danger of New Religious Movements (NRMs), or any other issue too often ignored by the institutional church, The Mind Renewed analyses, interprets and critiques from a Christian worldview perspective.

And in all that we do, we call upon our listeners to lay aside preconceptions, and embrace an openness of mind that seeks to follow the truth wherever it may lead. In the words of Paul from the New Testament:

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds…” (Romans 12:2, New Revised Standard Version)

TMR 145 : Dr. Paul Craig Roberts : Vote Brexit – End the EU, a CIA Covert Operation

“Remain” or “Leave”? What does the UK’s EU Referendum—scheduled 23rd June—really amount to? Is it simply the opportunity for UK citizens to decide if Britain should stay in the European Union? Or is it something of greater significance, with broader and more serious implications? And just what is this thing called the EU anyway?

Joining us, once again, to discuss these questions is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary to the Treasury for Ecomonic Policy, who explains the EU’s beginnings as a project of the CIA, and assesses its current role as as an anti-democratic tool of corporate control. Whether or not a majority “leave” vote will actually lead to Brexit, Dr. Roberts argues that a decisive rejection of EU membership by UK citizens could embolden other EU member states to follow suit, thus precipitating the break-up of NATO, and in turn, bringing an end to Washington’s crazy designs for a New World Order. (For show notes please visit

TMR 144 : Daniel Nesbitt : On the “Snoopers’ Charter” 2.0

“If the Bill becomes law, the police and the intelligence agencies—MI5, MI6 and GCHQ—will be legally allowed to hack a device, system or network to watch, change, destroy or obtain data in secret without the user knowing.”—BigBrotherWatch

This week we welcome Daniel Nesbitt, Research Director of Big Brother Watch, the UK privacy and civil liberties campaign organisation, for a discussion on the UK government’s proposals for its Investigatory Powers Bill. The government wants this Bill, popularly known as the “Snoopers’ Charter”, to be law by the end of 2016, but are there any reasons to be concerned about it? (For show notes please visit

TMR 143 : Dr. John H. Walton : The Lost World of Adam & Eve

Did God really create the world in six days? Or is the Bible actually saying something subtly different? Did God make Eve from Adam’s rib? Or is that a misreading of the text?

To discuss these and other absorbing questions arising from his fascinating-yet-controversial book, The Lost World of Adam and Eve, we are joined by Dr. John H. Walton, Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School, Illinois. Analysing Genesis chapters 2 and 3 in the context of other Ancient Near East literature, Walton proposes literary and theological understandings of the “Adam and Eve” narrative that in some ways complement—yet in other ways challenge—traditional interpretations.

Prior to his current position as Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School, Dr. Walton was Professor of Old Testament at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago for twenty years. Some of his other books include: The Lost World of Scripture, The Lost World of Genesis One, Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament and The Essential Bible Companion. (For show notes please visit

TMR 142 : Dr. James W. Sire : Apologetics Beyond Reason

We welcome veteran Christian writer and speaker James W. Sire (PhD, University of Missouri), formerly a senior editor at InterVarsity Press. Author of many well-known books, such as Scripture Twisting and The Universe Next Door, James Sire joins us to discuss his mature approach to Christian apologetics as we explore his latest book Apologetics Beyond Reason : Why Seeing Really is Believing.

Drawing us in with an unusual, but intriguing, argument—”There is everything. Therefore there is a God. Either you see this or you don’t”—James Sire invites us to ask questions about reality and the way in which we read its “signals of transcendence”.

“Christian apologetics lays before the watching world such a winsome embodiment of the Christian faith that for any and all who are willing to observe there will be an intellectually and emotionally credible witness to its fundamental truths.”—Sire, A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics, p. 26 (For show notes please visit

TMR 141 : Rev. Israel Olofinjana : Reverse Mission and the Black Majority Churches

We are joined by Rev. Israel Oluwole Olofinjana—an ordained Baptist minister and pastor of Woolwich Central Baptist Church, a multi-ethnic inner-city church in south-east London—for a discussion centred in his provocative 2015 book, Partnership in Mission : A Black Majority Church Perspective on Mission and Church Unity, published by Instant Apostle.

Israel Olofinjana comes from a Nigerian Pentecostal background and holds a MTh (Master of Theology) from Carolina University of Theology. He is many-times published academically and is a member of the editorial board of Missio Africanus, an online journal of African missiology in Britain. He has authored three books to date: Reverse in Ministry and Missions: Africans in the Dark Continent of Europe (2010), 20 Pentecostal Pioneers in Nigeria (2011) and Partnership in Mission (2015). Israel speaks and teaches in many venues across the UK on the subjects of Reverse Mission, African Christianity and Black Majority Churches. (For show notes please visit

TMR 140 : David Haggith : Cashless Phoenix of the Epocalypse

“Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes”—The Economist 1988

This week we welcome David Haggith, economic commentator and writer of The Great Recession Blog, for a discussion on the international trend among central banks and governments towards a global cashless society.

Regarded by central banks as a “drag” on their ability to manipulate economies to their liking, cash is being increasingly attacked as an inefficient, costly and even dangerous relic of the past—after all, where would criminals be without it? But once cash is gone, and our ability to rescue our savings from the monolithic digital banking system has gone with it, who will truly have control over our money? (For show notes please visit

TMR 138: John W. Whitehead : America’s Gestapo – The FBI’s Reign of Terror

“We want no Gestapo or secret police. FBI is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex-life scandals and plain blackmail… [J.] Edgar Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him.” (US President Harry S. Truman)

So begins a recent commentary by our guest for this Good Friday edition of TMR, the constitutional attorney and author John. W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Foundation, a nonprofit civil liberties and human rights organisation headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. With his recent article—”America’s Gestapo : The FBI’s Reign of Terror”—as our focus, we discuss the significance of the FBI in the seemingly-inexorable transformation of the USA into a police state, and consider the example of Jesus as an activist in Roman-occupied Palestine. (For show notes please visit

TMR 137: Thomas R. Goehle : America’s Post-Christian Apocalypse (Part Two : Faith & Reason)

“Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence…” Or so said Richard Dawkins at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in 1992. But is that really true? Do faith and reason really not mix? And why do so many people seem to think this?

Joining us, for the second of a short series of interviews, is the writer and researcher Thomas R. Goehle, author of America’s Post-Christian Apocalypse: How Secular Modernism Marginalized Christianity and The Peril of Leaving God Behind at the End of the Age. Adopting a very, very broad-brush-stroke approach, in order to trace some of the contours of Western philosopy and theology, we embark upon a whistle-stop tour—from Thomas Aquinas and the Mediaeval Synthesis, through the Enlightenment, and onward into (Post)Modernity—and explore some of the reasons for the unhappy divorce of faith and reason in contemporary Western culture.

Thomas Goehle earned a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy of Religion (honors) from Denver Seminary. He lives in Williamsville, New York where he is working on his next book tentatively entitled Transhumanism, AI, and the Apocalypse. (For show notes please visit

TMR 136 : Patrick M. Wood : Industry 4.0 – Rise of the Robots (or Fall of the “Useless Eaters”?)

Atlas, the impressive brainchild of Boston Dynamics and icon of Industry 4.0, raises perhaps more concerns than it does hopes for the future. Will Atlas’s cyber progeny and digital cousins bring to pass a brave new world of endless leisure for the masses, or will they usher in an age of mass unemployment, poverty, or worse?

We are joined once again by Patrick M. Wood, Editor-in-Chief of Technocracy News and Trends, who returns to the programme to discuss the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution—a highlight of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos—and to consider its role within the utopian vision of the neo-technocratic elites of today.

Patrick M. Wood is an author and lecturer who has stud­ied elite globalisation policies since the late 1970s, when he partnered with the late Antony C. Sutton to co-author Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II. An economist by education, a financial analyst and writer by profession, and an Amer­ican Constitutionalist by choice, Wood maintains a biblical worldview and has deep historical insights into modern attacks on sovereignty, property rights and personal freedom. A frequent speaker on radio shows around the U.S., Wood’s cur­rent work centres in Technocracy, Transhumanism and Scientism, and how these are transforming global economics, politics and religion. As he says, the endgame is scientific dictatorship; we ignore it our peril. (For show notes please visit

TMR 135 : Charles & Mary Ann Strange : Michael, SEAL Team Six & Extortion 17

This week we are honoured to speak with Charles and Mary Ann Strange, whose son Michael—Cryptologic Technician and Petty Officer (Collection) First Class Michael Strange—was tragically killed in a suspicious helicopter shoot-down in Afghanistan.

Michael had served as a member of SEAL Team Six when it was reported to have assassinated Osama bin Laden at the beginning of May 2011. But on August 6, 2011 Michael was killed—along with fourteen other members of SEAL Team Six, two other Navy SEALs, thirteen US Army and US Navy support personnel, seven Afghan commandos, one Afgan interpreter and one US military working dog—when the CH-47D Chinook helicopter in which they were travelling was shot down by the Taliban.

But this was no ordinary tragedy in the horrific course of warfare; it was a deeply suspicious event. And many of the families who lost loved ones that day continue to press their catalogue of serious questions that the authorities seem unwilling to answer. (For show notes please visit

TMR 134 : Dr. Glenn Peoples : On the Moral Argument for the Existence of God

This week we are joined by Christian philosopher Dr. Glenn Peoples for an in-depth discussion on The Moral Argument for the Existence of God.

Each of us has a sense of what we ought—and ought not—to do in the many and varied circumstances of our lives, but what is the explanation for this ordinary, yet seemingly-unfathomable phenomenon? Does it stem from a God-given human faculty to perceive objective moral obligations? Or is it just an unintended product of our ostensible evolutionary history? Do objective moral obligations even exist? Or is all talk about them merely illusory, misleading or even meaningless?

Guiding us through the maze of opinions, Dr. Peoples persuasively argues that only within a theistic worldview of a personal God can objective moral obligations—which we each perceive—be adequately grounded in philosophical terms.
Dr. Glenn Andrew Peoples holds degrees in Music and Divinity, a Master’s in Theology, and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Otago, New Zealand. He runs Right Reason, a website and blog on theology, philosophy and social issues, along with the podcast Say Hello to my Little Friend, while continuing to publish and speak in his areas of interest. (For show notes please visit

TMR 133 : Dr. Tim Ball : Educational Ergonomics

This week we are once again joined by Dr. Tim Ball, retired professor of Historical Climatology at the University of Winnipeg, for a characteristically fun and fascinating conversation on the subject of Educational Ergonomics.

What is education? What is it for? And−a question that increasing numbers of people are asking in these days of rising student debt and increasing unemployment−who is it for? Is it primarily for the student, whether in school or college, or has it become in large measure a socially-acceptable form of structural unemployment to help keep the wheels of the State turning? (For show notes please visit