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Episode 7

Recorded July 2nd 2012:
Tonight we spoke with Guy Malone founder of and many other websites. Guy talks about his experiences with Alien Abduction and how he stopped it. He also discusses his time living in Roswell, NM an…

Episode 6

Recorded June 18th, 2012. Tonight we talked with Luke’s Brother, Travis.
He has many interesting ideas about the nature of reality and language. Plus just some good ole witty banter. Enjoy or forever hold your peace.

Episode 5

Episode 5. Recorded June 4th.

This is a great discussion with Micah Hanks of The Gralien Report. We talk about all sorts of subjects from Bigfoot, Politics, Transhumanism and a little bit of Cosmic Love.

You can find Micah’s Show at http://gralienr…

Episode 4

Tonight we talk to Tom Bionic about his ministry We get into all kinds of discussions and debates on this one so don’t miss out!

Episode 3

Conspirinormal Show 3. Recorded on April 16, 2012.

Tonight we talked with “Prime” a Nashville area Entrepenuar and Lucid Dreaming afficionado. Very interesting interview. Enjoy.