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SpiritWars000000207: Allison Basham and the Destiny of Bash!

ART / FILM PORTFOLIO: BUY MY BOOK, “KINGDOM ROMANCE” (basically the Shack on Crack!) SPIRIT WARS is a full-time discipleship-focused deep-space offensive operation.  I, Michael Basham, was raised upon the ashes of Covenant, learned how to live off the grid with the remainder of TFI, have spent 12 years in China Japan and […]

CCNT “Explosions in the Heavens, ETs on Earth”

Stars Collide in deep space, a lady running for Congress claims she has communicated with aliens, and Tom Delonge of Blink-182 launches his organization to promote aliens and advanced technology with his Freemason buddies.  LINKS Neutron Star Collision Waves Detected   Lady Running for Congress says shes been on UFO   Tom Delonge Announces To The Stars Academy -AAA […]