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TMR 178 : Joshua Wisley : Eschaton, Singularity and the Mark of the Beast

“What, then, is the Singularity? It’s a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed.”—Ray Kurzweil

We are joined by Joshua Wisley of the excellent new Eschaton podcast for a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion on his work and on the subject of the Technological Singularity in relation to Biblical prophecy.

“Joshua Wisley is the host of Eschaton, a new podcast that explores ancient wisdom and spiritual mysteries through the lens of the modern world and attempts to offer fresh insight into age-old questions. The self-prescribed mission of the show is to turn conventional understanding and popular teachings on their head whenever it becomes necessary to do so. The show also provides its own unique spin on some of the other pressing issues of our time, such as geopolitics, supernatural encounters, and modern religious practices. Joshua holds degrees from Cairn University and Villanova University, where he studied comparative religion, philosophy, and business management (respectively). He lives in the northeastern region of the United States with his wife and two children.”—J. Wisley (For show notes please visit

SpiritWars000000141: J.A.E.’s Ghost and Witch Battles on the Mission Field!

Unbelievably cool and creepy true stories from the mission field with JAE and friends! We learn about how to cling to your faith when facing great and intense challenges. Pray for us, too, because the spirit war is continuing and under fire, yet is constantly coming into contact with more and more warriors like J.A.E. […]

Conspirinormal Episode 170- Randall Carlson 2 (Younger Dryas, Comet Impacts, and Climate Change)

If you would like to support our show by becoming a Patreon please visit: Recorded June 25th, 2017. We welcome Randall Carlson back to the show to discuss some of the themes covered in an earlier interview done on the Joe Rogan Podcast with Graham Hancock and Michael Shermer. Randall lets us know his […]

Conspirinormal Episode 168- Road to Roswell Roundtable (Peter Robbins, Guy Malone, and Chris Wolford)

If you would like to support our show by becoming a Patreon please visit: Recorded June 2nd 2017 Well this it! Our final episode of our “Road to Roswell” series is finally here. This Episode is a roundtable format featuring our good friends Peter Robbins, Chris Wolford and the organizer of the “Modern Challenges […]

Conspirinormal Episode 166- Randolph Benson (The Searchers)

If you would like to support our show by becoming a Patreon please visit: Recorded May 21st, 2017 We welcome first time guest Randolph Benson to the show to discuss his new documentary film “The Searchers”. In the film Randy interviewed several JFK assassination researchers about what they believe really happened in November 1963. […]