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Mythos: Episode 1, Battle of LA

Welcome to Mythos Nothing weird is out of bounds in this blog turned story series, read by me, Gary S. Pritchett. Each episode begins innocently enough, with a brief introduction, then quickly spirals into mayhem with a reading from one of my own books…or takes the listener on a journey, dragging legendary characters and creatures […]

TNSDF There’s Only One Name

Andy and Mel discuss the uniqueness of Yeshua/Jesus as Deity compared to the paper crowned rebel fallen angel pretenders and showcase the Dissident Prophet song ‘Only One Name’ from their newly released album…Strange Days. For dissident prophet music : Like us on face book at: Twitter at subscribe to our youtube at:  […]

TNSDF Living in the Shadowlands

Believers in Yeshua/Jesus are strange creatures…aliens, sojourners in the wilderness, strangers in a strange land. They live in a valley, in a town where folks are blinded to reality and have no knowledge of what is beyond the hills. Believers have been given a heads up and now find themselves misunderstood, ridiculed and rejected…just like […]

I Believe My Own Eyes Session 1

The first session of I Believe My Own Eyes!  Dogman, bigfoot, thunderbird, mothman,invisble man, alien abduction, alien harassment, reptilians, black cats, black panthers, dogman puppies.  Please tell us your story at Special Guest:  Gary S Pritchett, author of THE FALLEN FILES.  Get THE FALLEN FILES here! Gary is also the author of: Dream Weaver […]